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I'm Mike Little the author of these pages. For those who haven't guessed, that's me there on the right, (I really must get a more recent picture).

In these pages you can find my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and my PGP Key. You will also find out about some of the things that interest me.

Anyway, I'm 36 years old reasonably healthy, quite happy, and live in Stockport, England.

My partner, Jan Jackson, and I have a beautiful daughter called Jamie Louise. She will soon be four years old.

I work as a principal software engineer at a company formally called The Eden Group Ltd in Rainow, Cheshire. Now part of Geoworks, and now based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

At work I program mostly in C/C++, but am currently working in Java. I also know Pascal, Basic, AWK, sed (a little), Perl, and have spent some time learning Emacs Lisp (s(low(ly))). You can find lots more about computers and programming here.

My interests are computers, programming, Science Fiction, software, reading, films, music (all kinds), and... more computers... and more programming.

I have recently become very interested in improving my mind, and have looked into the works of Tony Buzan, Edward De bono, and others in the field. You can find some more information here.

I am also trying to get healthy, I've bought a mountain bike and I actually ride it. It definitely gets easier with practice. I can get to the local shops now without my legs turning to jelly! Actually, that was a while ago. I now cycle 40 miles a week, every week. My bike recently went in for a major service having clocked up 800 miles.

I have been careful with what I eat for the past few years. Unfortunately, I smoke; I am trying to cut down though. And I don't drink alcohol! Yes, I know that makes me odd, but I just got bored with it.

As I already mentioned, I love reading. I mostly read Science Fiction books and technical references. You can find some more about books (including some reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy books) here.

Computers again... I finally got hold of an HP 200LX. If you don't know what that is, it's an IBM XT compatible computer made by Hewlett Packard. It comes with MSDOS 5, a suite of PIM-type applications, Lotus 123, Pocket Quicken, a configurable database engine, and the ability to run tens of thousands of DOS applications. Oh, it fits in my shirt pocket, and lasts for a week or more on two AA cells! Lots more here.

Finally, if you're really sick you may want to look at some pictures of me.

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