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Mike Little's Curriculum Vitae

Personal details:


Mike Little




12 May 1962



Marital Status:

Partner and child

Career summary:

Having had a wealth of technical experience in various areas, and a variety of organisational and managerial roles, I moved to full time programming in 1990. At Pantek Ltd I worked on both DOS, Windows and embedded applications. I moved to Geoworks Ltd in February 1996. There I worked on a proprietary Operating System (OS) for PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants) and Smart Phones. At SBS Ltd I worked in development support as Oracle DBA and CVS administrator. At Zendor as a Technical Architect, I have worked with Java

I have over nine years C experience as well as four years C++, three years Visual Basic, over three years Perl, three years Pascal, 1 year Java, x86, SH3, PowerPC assembler, and various other languages. More recently, I have developed projects in Java, SQL, Perl, PHP, and HTML. I have administered RCS, PVCS, Perforce and CVS Revision Control Systems. I currently use Perl, PHP, and SQL on various Unixes (Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux) and on Windows NT.

I have produced specifications, design documents and end-user documentation. I have developed code from protocol specifications, and have experience of embedded systems.


I am interested in Internet/Intranet based technologies. The Open Source movement particularly interests me, especially the GNU/Linux operating system. I enjoy researching and experimenting with new technologies. I enjoy using PHP, Perl, SQL and HTML to develop platform independent applications.

Work experience:

Zendor Group Ltd, Manchester   -   2000-present
Fulfilment and interactive services.

I joined Zendor (formally Eunite Ltd) in December 2000 as a Technical Architect.

ServicePower Business Solutions Ltd, Stockport   -   1999-2000
Enterprise Scheduling Software.

I joined SBS Ltd in 1999. I was employed primarily as an Oracle DBA. As was intended, this role only filled 50% of my time and so I joined the Development Support Group. This group maintains the CVS source code repositories, Oracle Databases, and develops and maintains internal development tools.

I have developed add-on Perl scripts to the CVS software, automating such things as data collection, user authentication, etc. I have also developed a web-based task tracking system using Apache web server, PHP scripting, and MySQL RDBMS.

I have researched and assessed new development tools, and was part of the Development Process Working Party which is responsible for improving the then current development processes. I designed major improvements to the use of CVS, resulting in a considerably more stable development environment, in turn leading to increased stability of the core company product.

I was also part of the Intranet Development Group, responsible for increased use of the Company Intranet as a resource for development and support. I implemented web-based development references, and several Perl CGI scripts giving development and support personnel access to live information on such things as the Oracle Servers, etc.

I also worked completed a project in Perl which generates up to 1 gigabyte of coherent test data which is loaded into a dozen or so Oracle tables to be used for performance testing.

I also spent an amount of time acting as development group 'guru', helping developers with use of CVS, Perl, SQL, HTML, PHP, Unix shell scripts, etc., along with some general help with C and C++.

Geoworks Ltd, Macclesfield   -   1996-1999
Smart-phone/Communicator and PDA OS Development.

I joined Geoworks Ltd (formerly Eden Group Ltd) in early 1996. I was employed as a software engineer, having decided to revert back to my first love of software development rather than management. Programming in C with some PowerPC assembler, I developed the Dynamic Linker Loader for the Eden Operating System (OS) over the next 10 months. Gaining knowledge of Embedded Linking Format (ELF), low-level multi-tasking, and virtual memory management. I also designed a suite of tools, again in C, to complement the Dynamic Linker Loader.

I participated in many design reviews for the then evolving portions of the OS. I designed dynamically loadable resources for the OS and a task selection tool for the Eden OS SDK, acting as a mentor for a graduate engineer. I also worked on a PC disk driver for the SDK.

I was named a Principal Engineer after 4 months. I was briefly assigned to the Roadmap group at the time of the merger with Geoworks. I then worked on the email application for the CHILE project: a PDA product based on the Eden OS running on an Hitachi SH3 processor. I have worked on common functionality for all the applications on the device. Involving (proprietary) UI work, re-entrancy issues, etc.

I have ported the Dynamic Linker Loader to the SH3 chip for this project using an non-ELF solution in C and SH3 assembler, and also developed the post-ROM patching solution for this device. I spent three months as the build manager for the CHILE project; co-ordinating submissions from 15 or so developers, producing and testing each build and releasing them to the customer. I then some time in California, working closely with the customer, as first contact for fault reports.

For another SH3 based PDA project, I was the consultant for the development of the Dynamic Linker Loader and for the patching solution for this device. I have recently spent three months in QA for this project; developing functional and system test suites in C for one of the (proprietary) communication protocols.

My last project involved development with Java to implement a proprietary information delivery system for a major UK telecoms company. I have installed, configured, and interfaced to SQL DBMS's running on Linux and Windows NT. I have had to install, configure, and administer several Linux workstations connected to a Windows NT network. I modified, installed, and configured an email/http server as part of this project. Finally, I was also Build Manager for this project co-ordinating submissions from up to 10 developers working on 7 'branches' in two continents.

Pantek Ltd, Stockport   -   1990-1996
Industrial Software House.

I started as trainee programmer and moved up through software engineer to managing the Software Development Department. As an engineer, I programmed projects both large and small, singly, and as part of a team. I gained experience in DOS programming and Windows SDK. I programmed mainly in C with some assembler. I have experience in Novell, TCP/IP and Microsoft networks development. I did a lot of work in serial and TCP/IP communications. Later I developed Visual Basic applications for Windows. I acquired some Windows NT experience. I completed a C++ training course, and have worked on MFC/Visual C++ based applications. I also had some experience of Delphi (version 1).

I gained design and specification experience, both algorithms and user interface. I wrote end-user documentation: manuals and on-line help. Other experience includes hardware interfacing and embedded software, configuration control, and writing code from proprietary protocol specifications.

I introduced coding standards within the development department; the company applied for BS5750 (ISO 9001) standard and I was actively involved in developing standards and procedures.

I have customer facing skills and worked extensively on-site both in the UK and abroad.

As the manager of a team of six, I was responsible for the day to day running of the department, including scheduling, progress tracking, problem solving, etc. I liaised with customers from initial requirement specification, through full functional specification, pre- and post-delivery testing, and post-release support. I also acted as technical support for the sales department, both for general queries and attending pre-sale customer briefings.

I was responsible for department budgeting and forecasting, reporting directly to the technical services manager.

I also designed and gave one- and two-day training courses in some of the development products the company sold.

Other languages: Awk, Perl, Paradox Application Language, Access Basic, Microsoft Word and Excel macros, sed, and MS-DOS batch files.

Video Box Office, Stockport   -   1986-1990
Video rental library.

Proprietor/partner. I introduced a computer system, improving customer service and staff utilisation. I trained all staff in computer usage. I established training methods for new staff. I expanded the range of products, increasing turnover. I was instrumental in upgrading the then current software; and designed and programmed a new stock control system and trained staff in its use, resulting in better customer service.

Meehan Bros. Ltd, Manchester   -   1985-86
Wholesale clothing.

Warehouse manager. I was appointed to re-organise the warehouse storage methods. Achieved improvement in use of storage space, and cut wastage from over-ordering.

Action Video Productions, Stockport   -   1984-85
Promotional video production.

I was a video technician and editor. I organised a 2 camera unit and U-Matic editing suite. I controlled editing and post-production to duplication stage. Introduced computer graphics for titling and credits improving quality of finished product.

Out of Town Promotions/Zebra International, Stockport   -   1983-85
Pop music promotion and management.

Programmer and Sound technician. I organised PA and musical equipment. I programmed synthesisers, drum machines and sequencers; assisted in studio and live recording sessions; helped speed up song writing/rehearsing/recording cycle for a number of bands.

Wynd-up records Ltd, Prestwich   -   1980-82
Wholesale/Retail records & tapes.

Shop manager promoted from counter assistant. I supervised up to four counter staff. I was responsible for the day to day running of the record shop. I ordered stock and managed the daily cashing up and banking.

TVA (Installations) Ltd, Stockport   -   1979-80
Communal TV, Door entry/security and Warden-call alarm systems.

Engineer/trainer promoted from trainee. I was responsible for maintenance and repair of systems, and installation from drawings. I achieved trainer status in just nine months.

Interests and activities:

My principal interest is in computers and computing: I have taught myself C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, SQL, Pascal, BASIC, and 6502 and 80x86 Assembler and program for fun and education on IBM PCs. I have experimented with Borland Delphi, Borland Paradox (PAL) and Microsoft Access Basic. I have used AWK, Perl, and sed string processing languages. I run Linux on most of my PC's at home along with Window 95 and Windows NT.

I have four machines networked together using NFS and Windows SMB networking. I have an Apache Server and MySQL Database server running on one of the Linux boxes serving a Photo Album application I developed in Perl and PHP, giving access to the family's digital/scanned Photo collection.

More recently, I have developed another MySQL/PHP application to help my partner with her family history research.

I have been on the Internet since 1994 and regularly participate in several mailing lists and Usenet groups. In my pre-internet days I contributed to a number of local BBSs and, through FidoNet, have helped solve user's problems all over the world. I am an avid reader of both science fact and Science Fiction. I enjoy cycling and walking.

A Visual Basic utility I wrote was placed on Compuserve by a US company, Wonderware, in their user support forum. I once wrote a configurable Windows installation application for a well-known computer magazine. Sales of the disk sets using the application gave it an 'installed user base' of around 8000.

Other information:

I was a member of Mensa from 1984 to 1992 (IQ 158). During a course at Central Manchester college, I gained some working knowledge of UNIX systems (principally IBM's AIX) and Networks. I have since installed and configured Linux, and run experimental ftp servers, web servers etc. on my home network. I attended Stockport School, Heaviley, Stockport until 1979, where I obtained 6 GCE O levels; including Maths and Physics at grade A. I helped introduce an elementary computer course to the school.

I am quick to assess situations and an enthusiastic learner; If I can read about it; I can do it (almost)!


Note: I have an on-line journal at zed1.com/journalized which occasionally has more up to date information on it.