I love books.

I buy them all the time, I borrow them all the time (from the library and friends), I read them all the time. I probably have about 800 books in my home at the moment, and I keep getting more. I rarely get rid of them, especially novels.

My powers of recall are so poor that I can re-read a really good book as soon as 3 months after I last read it. Most of it will seem like the first time. Strangely, this only happens with novels. The technical books that I read (mostly about computers and software), seem to stay with me a lot longer; although even they go eventually if I don't use the knowledge.

I also read magazines, though not as many as I used to. I used to keep those too, but the last time I moved house, I agreed to get rid of most of them. The biggest loss was over thirteen years of Byte magazine: January 1984 through to July 1997! I've already wanted to refer to an old issue twice since they went. I said this would happen.

Anyway, back to my books. I have large numbers of books in the following categories:

Jan loves books too, although she doesn't read as many as I do. She particlularly loves Terry Pratchett, and the better romantic novels. I should let her tell you about her tastes in books though, see Jan's pages for more.

And my daughter Jamie loves books. She probably has over 200 and she's only four! She can't read them very well yet, but she is able to read the very simple ones. However, her memory is so good that she can recite some of them to you as if she were reading them.

She has recently started enjoying 'proper' novels, and loves having a chapter read to her each night. She sometimes tries to con me into reading an extra chapter, if we are at a particularly exciting part. The books we are reading at the moment are the Borrowers series by Mary Norton. More about Jamie here.

You can find some reviews of Science fiction and Fantasy books here. These were written as part of the PlanetAll Science Fiction and Fantasy Club. I hope to review lots more books too. Just as soon as I get round to it!

I have bought some books on-line. The company I use most are The Internet Bookshop. I can recommend them, I have found them to have a good selection and their prices are good, especially if you are buying more than one book.